Enhanced Creativity

At the Emotional Health Centre, Therapy House, 6 Tuckey Street, Cork city we help with enhancing creativity

Enhancing creativity
Each side of your brain – each brain hemisphere – controls certain activities or processes. Your left hemisphere is concerned with verbal description and suggestion; it is your “practical” side. Your right hemisphere is the side of creative visualization and mental imagery; it is the seat of your intuition, musical and artistic ability, and even your sense of humour.

The hypnosis cycles in this therapy use a full-brain approach; that is, a combination of both verbal suggestion and creative imagination. This session, however, is specifically designed for right-brain development: The suggestions are not as “clear cut” or as specific as in the others. this cycle will help more of your creative potential to unfold. You can use it to remember you dreams, to listen to your hunches, to daydream creatively, to discover hidden talents and abilities, and to have more insight into all that is around you and in you.

Your creative right hemisphere is the full-blown sail of your mind. the practical left hemisphere is the rudder that helps direct your course. Allow your adventurous creativity to propel you and use your guiding rudder to keep you on course. A marriage of your right brain to left brain is the ideal in any creative endeavour. Balance your full potential by verbally discussing your creative insights with yourself or with others.

One good method to develop your creativity is to play a favourite piece of music, then – while in a self-hypnotic or reverie state – verbally describe out loud, using all your five sense, a memorable vacation or a pleasant event in your life. At another time, play different music and imagine a story – make up a story – aloud, that fits the mood of the music. This “stream of consciousness” exercise bridges the right and left hemispheres.

You can also use creative daydreaming by taking a short break during the day to quiet your body and envision in your mind your ideals and your goals. Thomas Edison regularly took “cat naps” and often awakened with new insights and ideas. he wrote these ideas in countless journals and on scraps of paper; then he discussed these ideas with people close to his work.

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