At the Emotional Health Centre, Therapy House, 6 Tuckey Street, Cork city we help with self-belief and self-esteem

We can help you transform your core beliefs and help you to transform your life. As one progresses through life from childhood to adulthood they are faced with many challenges to be overcome one step at a time. In my work as a Hypnopsychotherapist i use the suggestion “There is not such thing as problems, only challenges to be overcome”. Everyone at some point in their lives are uncertain about themselves, lack self confidence, doubt their abilities or think negatively about themselves. by the time one reaches 25 years old it is possible to have tried dozens of different personalities to see which one ‘fits’ the best.

Concepts such as self-image, self-perception and self-confidence are concepts in which we have a framework to reflect upon ourselves as human beings. In this framework of human experience we build our value to ourselves and others and the measure of worth we attribute to ourselves as a whole is based on these aspects of ourselves. How to measure this value or worth subjectively is where the self-belief, self esteem or luck thereof come in.

How do I know that I have low self-esteem or a lack of self-belief?
Low self esteem is generally saying and thinking negative things about oneself. Having a negative opinion about ones ability and finding/evaluating oneself in a negative way or further examples of low self-esteem.

Do you find yourself thinking to yourself:
• I get nervous talking to people I don’t know
• I am socially inept and I hate it
• I couldn’t understand a lot of what the person said
• I must really be stupid
• I am not good enough
• I am overweight
• I am fat and ugly
• I don’t have the correct body in the gym
• I am unimportant
• I am a loser
• I am unlovable
• I am not good enough

If you think about yourself in these terms you may have low self-esteem.

Have you ever been dissatisfied or unhappy about yourself as a whole. Do you feel (what you think rationally is irrelevant) that you are:
• Weak
• Stupid
• Not good enough
• Fundamentally flawed or broken in some way
• Inferior to other people
• Useless
• Worthless
• Unattractive
• Ugly
• Unlovable
• Loser
• Failure

Impact of low self-esteem

People with persistently low self-esteem are engaged in life as if the glass is half empty instead of it being half full. They are constantly negative towards themselves. People with low self-esteem might expect things to go wrong all the time. They might feel sad, depressed, anxious, guilty, ashamed, frustrated, angry etc. They might have difficulty speaking up for themselves and their needs, avoid challenges and opportunities or be overly aggressive in their interactions with others.

People with low self-esteem might avoid sports and other social activities that have been perceived or evaluated negatively. People who do not value themselves might drink excessively or use drugs. Alternatively they might try and hide this problem by trying to become perfect in every way.

Low self-esteem can be part of a current problem. If you are experiencing clinical depression, low self-esteem can be a by-product of a depressed mood. Having a negative view of oneself is a symptom of depression as are the following classic symptoms:
1. Feeling constantly sad, down, depressed or empty
2. Reduced pleasure in activities previously enjoyed
3. Increased or reduced appetite
4. Sleep difficulties
5. Feeling tired and without energy
6. Restless or irritable
7. Difficulties concentrating or making decisions
8. Having thoughts about hurting yourself or ending your life.

If you have experienced five of the above symptoms above which include low self-esteem, mood swings, less pleasure or interests than before and have been experiencing these over the last two weeks it is possible that you have clinically depressed. I would encourage you to seek help from a professional immediately.

Hypnopsychotherapy for self-belief and self-esteem

The bottom line is that the subconscious programming of earlier years has created these negative patterns of thinking and behaviour. Therefore the only way to correct these issues is through hypnosis and direct access to the deeper mind to change behaviours. Hypnotherapy has a proven track record in alleviating these issues and re-creating new behaviours that support healthy self-esteem.

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