Self Confidence

At the Emotional Health Centre, Therapy House, 6 Tuckey Street, Cork city we help with self-confidence

Building self-confidence

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be successful and happy, while others seem to be unhappy and to fail in whatever they do? Have you noticed that some seem to have the Midas touch, while others, even with plenty of money and a good education, seem to struggle all the time? What is this difference between people who merely get by and those who excel? What is this “winning edge,” this inner strength and confidence?

Take time to observe both groups of people carefully. Listen to their words. Basically speaking, those who expect to succeed generally do; those who lack courage and constantly complain often fail. This observation may be too simplistic but, if you take the time to study people, you will generally find this to be true.

did you ever know a successful, self-assured person who expected to be a failure? Probably not. Did you ever meet a person who thinks and speaks only of failure who ever became a great success? Again, probably not. When you think about success, you become successful. When you think confidently, you become more confident.

The subtle seeds of self-confidence are already within you. This hypnotic session nurtures those seeds so that they may blossom and be fruitful. Not only will you overcome shyness and doubt, but you will also learn your body’s signals in reaction to stress, anxiety and nervousness. Most important, you will be shown how to redirect your body’s natural adrenalin into controlled energy.

“You win when you expect to win, you succeed when you expect to succeed” is probably one of the great un-written laws of life. With a little effort, you can expect to do great things by using this cycle.

Working with self-confidence

Hypnotherapy for self-confidence should concentrate on the following areas:
1. Ego Strengthening. It’s important to help the patient realize their intrinsic worth as a human being and recognize and appreciate their unique talents and abilities. In hypnosis, we can “feed-back” to them information on the above that we gather during the history taking portion of the clinical interview.
2. Decision making. As we pointed out, many people who lack self-confidence also lack a confidence in their ability to make decisions or, once having made them, are plagued by self-doubt. We can effectively counteract this through direct suggestion.
3. gym Social situations. Many of those who suffer from poor self-confidence also feel profoundly ill at ease in social situations. We can help them to feel more poised and confident in these situations through both direct suggestion and guided imagery. Self-hypnosis conditioning can also be useful in these situations. The client who is trained in self-hypnosis can utilize it directly before or even during a social situation to gain and/or reinforce feelings of calm, poise and confidence.

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