Mentally rehearsing the plays before a game is not a new idea, but subconsciously playing the game and already seeing it won – while in hypnosis – is a novel and profound one.

Many top athletes “psych” themselves up by using self-hypnosis. A casual reading of current sports magazines will give an idea of how hypnosis techniques are being applied by players of your favourite sport. For example, some professional teams who have hypno-therapeutic tapes in their mood rooms not only use hypnosis for motivation but also for revitalizing their physical bodies. Tapes help ease their physical aches as well as in stil psychological well-being and enthusiasm.


The greatest enemy for any athlete is fear: fear of losing, fear of winning, fear of pain and injury, or fear of humiliation in public. Some athletes who play beautifully at practice will freeze up during a game while under scrutiny of others. This pressure can often inhibit a good performance.

To perform well, an athlete must be relaxed enough to allow the natural timing and coordination to flow with the movement of the game. When he or she is in the flow, every movement feels right. The critical and doubting mind can be bypassed to allow the athlete to experience the fullest potential. Above all, a playful sporting attitude helps the participants to realize that it is a sport to be enjoyed.

This cycle is designed for both competitive and non-competitive sports; the separate suggestions are clearly marked. It uses a combination of first and second person suggestions, and will help you to fine tune your concentration and allow you to use better your body’s natural adrenalin. This is a high performance cycle.