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Private Practice of Dr. Joe E. Keaney Phd, BA, DHP, D.Psych, MICHP

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Cork city.

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Dr. Joe Keaney

Dr. Keaney has over 30 years in Private Practice in Cork city and has completed over 100,000 clinical inductions. He received his Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from AIH in the USA and is one of the most experienced and respected ethical practitioners of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Ireland.

He has also trained thousands of Hypnotherapists in Ireland and abroad and is currently the President of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. He is a member in good standing of several Hypnotherapy Institutes and Associations both in Ireland and internationally.

There are two types of treatment in Conscious Hypnosis

 Suggestion Therapy This works well with the simpler problems; smoking, nail-biting, exam stress, weight problems, confidence and memory boosting and usually requires one session.

 Analytical Therapy Briefly this finds the root cause of the problem or symptom and removes it, thus giving lasting release to the client. This doctrine is called “Cause and Effect”. Analysis reveals the cause and consequently relieves the symptoms. The moment of liberating enlightenment may come anytime but usually around session six. One can be fairly confident the release will be obtained within eight to ten sessions or even sooner.

“The problem is inside the client but outside their control.”


Case History

 Married Man – 38 Years

Consulting for: Alcohol addiction and heavy smoking.

History: Business tycoon subjected to heavy pressure and taken to bouts of very heavy drinking, which releases an aggressive side to his nature, interfering with his business activities. Chain smoker.

Notes: Analysis brought a release from inner tension. Stopped smoking completely and his control over social drinking now absolute. Facing business pressures with a new zest.


 Married Man – 41 Years

Consulting for: Sexual problem causing disharmony in marriage.

History: Sexual relations between husband and wife unsatisfactory due to his lack of arousal.

Notes: No improvement at first but then quite dramatic improvement, literally overnight, reinforced by further sessions of therapy.


 Married Woman – 30 Years

Consulting for: Blushing

History: Enjoyed going out, but now for the last three years feels her face very red and flushed when encountering people.

Notes: Analysis brought a release from a guilt complex enabling a much more free lifestyle.


 Married Woman – 35 Years

Consulting for: Claustrophobia

History: Had experienced a fear of being enclosed since around age 14 years. Unable to travel on buses and in cars and found difficulty in entering shops, theatres etc.

Notes: The phobic fear traced to original cause and entirely eliminated by therapy. Now enjoying life to the full.


 Single Man – 17 Years

Consulting for: Stutter

History: Pronounced stutter since age 8, particularly at times of stress. Predisposed to blushing.

Notes: Originating cause of the stutter found, and analytically removed by analysis. Stutter and pre-disposition both eradicated.


 Single Man – 27 Years

Consulting for: Unable to travel on a ferry boat to work.

History: Recently changed job and new job entailed travel on a ferry boat to work. He would experience sweating, palpitations and nausea on journey.

Notes: Original cause of problem found, which brought about a release of anxiety, followed by three sessions of suggestions therapy. Now enjoying the boat trips.


Questions & Answers

 What is Hypnosis?

A state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion. It is a non-addictive power for good and is a natural manifestation of the mind at work.

 Are there some people you cannot hypnotise?

No. (Except the mentally handicapped, although of course the degree varies from person to person).

 Are drugs or tablets used?


• Shall I be aware of what is happening?

Yes. The predominant feeling of most people is – “It didn’t work for me – I never went under”.

• So I am not asleep then?

No. You are simply extremely relaxed. This is why the technique is called “Conscious Hypnosis”.

• Is there any cause at all for concern?

None whatsoever. Hypnosis is a proven therapeutic aid.

 How many visits will I need?

Simpler problems like smoking, nail-biting, slimming, pre-test nerves etc. usually require 1-3 sessions and the success rate is surprisingly high. The more deep-rooted nervous disorders require “analytical” rather than “suggestion” therapy which usually consists of 8-12 weekly sessions.

• Could I be influenced to do anything against my will or nature?

No. In fact you would be shocked out of the hypnotic state immediately any such action was suggested to you.

• Can “normal”people undergo Hypno-psychotherapy and Psycho-analysis?

Not only can they, but they should. For an insight into yourself, it has no equal.


Consultation – Fees

All consultations are strictly by appointment only and confidentiality is assured. Each person and each challenge is unique. Therefore, the number of consultations varies. Suggestion therapy usually takes one session which includes a free hypnotherapy CD for reinforcement sessions. Analytical Hypnotherapy takes on average 8-10 sessions which also includes a free hypnotherapy audio cd to reinforce the work at home.


Fee : €100.00 per session for Analytical Therapy

Which takes approximately 8-10 x 50 minute sessions


Fee : €100.00 per session for Suggestion Therapy

Smoking, slimming, nail-biting, pre-test nerves, confidence building, sports improvement, stress, public speaking, flying, memory, concentration, exam preparation & study habits.

Suggestion Therapy

(For smoking, slimming, nail-biting, and pre-test/exam nerves (see above) One session only is required which includes a free hypnotherapy cd for solution-focused therapy on the symptoms you consult with. The personalized hypnotic cd will maximize the desire for change as you enjoy the most rapid and powerful results.

Note: There is no Introductory Talk necessary for Suggestion Therapy


Analytical Therapy

Requires separate weekly sessions of approximately 50 minutes. This is a totally private and individual therapy. The first session is concerned with finding out about your problem and assessing how best to treat it.


Introductory Consultation – No Fee

Should you wish to come and discuss your problem (except Suggestion Therapy) before embarking on Therapy, please phone and mention “Introductory Consultation”. There is no fee for this preview talk (usually 30 minutes approx.)


Hypnotherapy can successfully assist with…

Smoking, Slimming, Drinking, Nail-biting, Some Skin Disorders, Allergies, Nervous Tension & Anxiety, Phobias, Fears & Compulsions, Nightmares, Insomnia, Sexual Problems, Enuresis, Shyness & Blushing, Nervousness & Decision Making, Public Speaking & Confidence, Migraines, Addictions, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Claustrophobia, Eating Disorders, Emotional Problems, Frustrations, Guilt Feelings, Headaches, Inhibitions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Menstrual Tension, Pain Control, Panic Attacks, Shame, Stress, Stuttering, Tinnitus, Travel Fright, Twitching, Ulcers, Assertiveness, Concentration, Communications, Creativity, Exam Nerves, Goal Setting, Memory, Motivation, Relaxation, Self-esteem, Study, Sports Motivation, Fear of Childbirth, Depression and many other problems where emotional or psychological forces are involved…

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