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Hypnosis and meditation are like two sides of the same coin, a natural altered state of awareness combined with focused attention on suggestions specific to meditation. It is a powerful fusion of mind-body-spirit producing holistic clarity of being.

Hypnosis is a natural altered state of being, or as Dr Keaney likes to call it a “hypnonatural” process where one can focus and enhance the sensation of being present in the now.

“Hypnonatural” refers to our innate subconscious ability which in most cases is dormant and can be activated to focus on meditation.

Hypnomeditation can be experienced in a one to one session with a qualified hypnopsychotherapist such as Dr Joseph Keaney, 6 Tuckey Street, Cork city or in a group setting such as the hypnomeditation classes given in Therapy House, 6 Tuckey Street, Cork city.

Developed from various meditation traditions, both east and west, practised for more than two thousand years, all major religions have their own techniques in which the practitioner is encouraged to withdraw his or her mind from daily worries and concerns, towards a greater understanding of self, and ultimately the Divine.

A common result of this practice, whether in Buddhist meditation, or Christian contemplation and similar meditations, was to lessen the meditators concern for outwardly disturbing events, and develop a sense of peace and inner calm.

Over the years hypnomeditation techniques have been used in clinical settings for individual or group therapy. The main aim being to focus ones awareness away from worrying and distressing thoughts, which caused or contributed to various psychological or physical disorders, in a way which helps one to access resources for healing.

In hypnopsychotherapy, an individual who is worried, for example, about a difficult situation at work, will be helped to realise that he is aware the situation makes him feel stressed and nervous, bring his attention to his current here and now reality e.g. by focusing on his breathing and bodily sensations, and remember that he has within him the ability to focus his mind on whatever thoughts he wishes to think. In choosing to think helpful thoughts he can change the physical and mental disturbance he has previously experienced when thinking of work problems.

The Benefits of Hypnomeditation

Through hypnomeditation you will discover your inner world which is the only place where true peace is found as you explore your inner core and discover the real you.

Hypnomeditation will bring you enlightenment, an instinctive knowledge of what existence is and your place in relation to it.

  • In hypnomeditation you will learn how to become aware of your experience in the present moment without judging it.
  • By learning hypnosis and meditation together you become aware of your thoughts, bodily sensations and breathe. You gain an understanding of how you react internally to external events.
  • These new skills in hypnosis and meditation will help you take your life off “automatic pilot” and free you to make more helpful choices in the future.
  • To know yourself has been regarded as the foundation of wisdom. “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free” as scripture states. Knowledge of self has been the main goal of spirituality from the days of ancient Indian culture through the Hebrew, Greek and Roman civilizations and on up to present day hypnopsychotherapy.
  • The benefits of hypnomeditation include a happier life with much better social relationships and improved creativity, success and satisfaction at work.
  • Some examples of hypnomeditation in a clinical setting today are the use of the technique for: reducing stress, anger and fatigue – combating anxiety and depression – healing disease by boosting the immune system – reducing pain and inflammation – coping better with medical treatments, surgery and frightening diagnoses – helping children through school and in their social and psychological development – eating disorders – improving intimate relationships – developing greater happiness and more joyful living – enhancing creativity – giving a deeper, more spiritual meaning to life

Techniques you will learn in hypnomeditation will include meditations drawn from a variety of spiritual traditions around the world, focused on creating mindful awareness of: breath, body, thoughts, emotions & being.


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