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Hello! I’m Joseph

Licensed Therapist

Dr Joseph Keaney has over 40 years in private practice in Cork city and has completed over 100,000 clinical inductions. He received his Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from AIH in the USA and is one of the most experienced and respected ethical practitioners of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Ireland.

He has also trained thousands of Hypnotherapists in Ireland and abroad and is currently the principal of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Training School. He is a member in good standing of several Hypnotherapy Institutes and Associations both in Ireland and internationally.

My Approach & Values

A positive hypnotherapist approach to clients is rooted in empathy, trust, and collaboration. These practitioners create a safe and welcoming environment where clients feel valued and heard. They focus on building a strong rapport, taking time to understand each client’s unique needs, concerns, and goals.

Positive hypnotherapists emphasize empowerment, helping clients tap into their inner strengths and resources to facilitate positive change. Instead of imposing solutions, they guide clients through a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

My Experience

Years of Expertise: “With 40 years of experience as a certified hypnotherapist, I’ve helped countless clients achieve their goals.”

Tailored Approach: “I focus on your unique needs, using proven hypnosis techniques to support your transformation.”

Commitment to Growth: “I stay current in the field through ongoing education, ensuring you receive the latest in hypnotherapy.”

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021 427 3575

6 Tuckey Street, Cork City, Ireland