Hypnotherapy is part of holistic or complementary medicine which is gaining ground in America, china, japan, Europe and in Britain has become the second largest growth industry after computers.

In Britain the still growing number of holistic practitioners (who charge fees) now exceeds the number of G.P.’s (whose services are free under the N.H.S.), what better illustration of the level of public demand.

I know from my own practice that there is an acute shortage of trained hypnotherapists/psychotherapists in Ireland today and a career in this exciting growth field offers personal fulfilment, professional status and financial reward.  I could accept hundreds more clients if I had the time – so great is the need for treatment.

It is terribly important the Irish public, in their need for treatment do not turn to untrained hypnotherapists/psychotherapists, whose treatment would do more harm than good. That is why I founded the I.C.H.P., to provide a centre for both treatment and thorough professional training in both therapy and practice of analytical hypnotherapy/psychotherapy.

The type of person suited to a career in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy would wish to be self-employed in a field that demands skill and personal commitment. This results in a therapist becoming a channel for healing to the benefit of a wide group of people.

Dr Keaney has a well-deserved reputation of making it easy to acquire hypnotic skills. His unique Psycho-analytical hypnotherapy training enables students to acquire skills to access the subconscious mind which is the seat of the emotions and the origin of symptoms.

Our classes are structured for professionals already in the healing arts as well as for those who intend to pursue a career in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy. Hypnosis is a very effective adjunct to any therapeutic speciality.

In addition the course is open to those who wish to study hypnosis for other purposes such as improving business skills, personal therapy or research, or developing a vocation or part time retirement career.


For more information on pursuing a career in hypnotherapy / psychotherapy please visit our school’s site.




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