In over 30 years of private practice in helping clients to control and lose weight, I have found that most clients are experts in losing weight. They know what to do and how to do it but they do not get around to doing it. Generally diets do not work in the sense that people may lose the weight initially but put it back on over the long term because the subconscious associates the dieting with deprivation. Hypnosis can create ideal body-weight image pictures that the subconscious mind accepts and acts upon.


Your hypnotic slender image

Is maintaining a comfortable weight a struggle for you? Is your life a constant see-saw of weight gain, weight loss and weight gain? Have you tried most of the fad diets? Self-hypnosis may be your answer because it works at a mind level – not at a mouth or stomach level – and your weight is determined by your mind.

The only safe and sure way to control weight is by exercising and by changing your eating habits. You may have struggled with elimination diets which are sometimes self-defeating. These diets stress what you cannot eat, setting up an inner conflict that can enforce a craving. A better approach is to eat three balanced meals; eating thing you like – but in sensible amounts. With self-hypnosis, your inner mind can regulate what is a sensible amount for you.

There are no magic pills, no special sweatsuits that have any lasting effect, until you change your way of thinking first. A slim body begins with slim thoughts, just as a healthy body begins with healthy thoughts.

This hypnotherapy weight loss therapy will help you take off weight quickly, easily, naturally, and permanently. You can create a new attitude of yourself as slim, healthy and energetic.



The slimming therapy is one session and clients are presented with a cd recording of that session for re-enforcement over the following two to four weeks.